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Volume Rendering
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Volume Rendering
1.3. Volumetric Data
1.4. Voxels and cells
Collapse 1.5. Classification of Volume Rendering Algorithms1.5. Classification of Volume Rendering Algorithms
1.5.1. Surface tracking
Collapse 1.5.2. Iso-surfacing1.5.2. Iso-surfacing Cuberille (Opaque cubes) Marching cubes Dividing cubes Marching tetrahedra
1.5.3. Frequency domain rendering
1.5.4. Compression domain rendering
1.5.5. Wavelet domain rendering
Collapse 1.5.6. Object order rendering1.5.6. Object order rendering Back-to front (BTF) algorithm Front-to back (FTB) algorithm Splatting
1.5.7. Image order rendering
Collapse 1.5.8. Hybrid order rendering1.5.8. Hybrid order rendering The shear-warp factorization
Collapse 1.6. Optimization in Volume Rendering1.6. Optimization in Volume Rendering
1.6.1. Task and data decomposition
1.6.2. Software-based algorithm optimization and acceleration
1.6.3. Parallel and distributed architectures
1.6.4. Commercial graphics hardware
1.6.5. Special purpose hardware
1.7. Conclusion