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Clean Sky Ortak Teknoloji Girişimi (Aeronautics and Air Transport -Clean Sky)



Aviation is an essential element of today's global society, bringing people and cultures together and creating economic growth across the globe.

The air transport industry is paying a lot of attention to growing public concern about the environmental issues of air pollution, noise and climate change. Although today air transport only produces 2 % of man-made CO2 emissions, this is expected to increase to 3 % by 2050.

Clean Sky is a "Joint Technology Initiative" that will develop breakthrough technologies to significantly improve the impact of the air transport on the environment.

What is a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI)?
A JTI is a type of project created by the European Commission for funding research in Europe to allow the implementation of ambitious and complex activities, including the validation of technologies at a high readiness level. The size and scale of JTIs requires the mobilisation and management of very substantial public and private investment and human resources.

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