ÇelebiUZMAN: Hülya TETİK

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Date of birth: June 1964
Nationality: Turkish
Civil status: Single
Date (from – to)
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
10/1985- 03/1988
Selcuk University
MSc. in Chemical Engineering
09/1981- 09/1985
Selcuk University
BSc in Chemical Engineering
Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5 – basic)
Mother Tongue

Membership of professional bodies
:             N/A
Other skills:     Computer Literacy: MS Windows, MS Office Programmes (MS Word, MS Excel)
Present position:           Free Lance Consultant
Years within the firm: 3 years
Key Qualifications:
  • Over 20 years of professional experience, of which almost 10 years in planning and implementation of Rural and Regional Development projects in EU New Member and Candidate States, funded by international donors such as EC, UNDP and World Bank.
  • Over last 8 years closely involved as Expert in EC-funded and UNDP funded projects in the context of Governance, SME Development, Regional Development and Public Service Delivery in Turkey.
  • More than 11 years experience in counselling, consulting and training of SMEs in international companies <
  • Conducted trainings (as short-term expert) and coaching (as long-term expert) for project staff and stakeholders on PCM, Project implementation, monitoring, financial aspects of project management, and EU procedures for grants (PRAG).
  • Experienced in Project Cycle Management, Project Fiche and TOR preparation, Strategic Planning and Management, Procurement procedures, in the preparation and follow-up of contracts for large and complex project components (as Business Centre Director and as Consultant).
  • Experienced in planning, implementing and managing of entrepreneurship programmes
  • 5 years of experience in preparation/implementation of EC/international tendering and contracting procedures
  • Experience in conducting training on project financial management and/or accounting for the grant beneficiaries
  • Experienced in preparation, management, implementation and coordination national and international events
  • Experience in management, monitoring and evaluation of EU Grant Schemes
  • Experienced, women entrepreneurship confidence building and improving entrepreneurial skills, new business ideas for women (Prepare and conduct the Women Entrepreneurship programmes under the KOSGEB Privatisation programme financed by World Bank).
  • Close cooperation with Women NGOs in entrepreneurship seminars and trainings
  • Experienced in Cluster Development (Bulgur Sector Development, Pistachio Sector development, ‘’Ex-Point’’ Export development projects have been   designed and  implemented as Business Centre Director)
  • Experienced in Project, contract, and consulting task team management skills
  • Well-developed interpersonal and team working skills; ability to operate effectively both as a program leader and unit team member; initiative, persistence and positive attitude;
  • Communication Skills: Ability to deal sensitively in multicultural environments and build effective working relations with local and international partners in the private sector, in the academic community and with client Government.


Country Experience
Date (between)
Deputy Team Leader/Senior Grant Expert
11/2004- 12/2007
Freelance Consultant
Ireland, Syria, Spain
Representation of Business Development Centre in several missions
Romania, Moldova, Ukraine,
Holland, Germany, Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Brazil
Short Term-Long Term Expert, (Consultant, General Manager)
Spain, France, Belgium, Morocco
Technical Manager


Professional experience
from –to
WYG International (UK)
Deputy Team Leader and Senior Expert on Grant Schemes
Technical Assistance (TA) to CA (Programme Management Unit)
In this context, tasks being performed are:
·          Manage and co-ordinate all components of the project and teams in the region, in organising, coordinating and managing the
inputs of long and short term experts, according to the work programme and activity based personnel programme and the supervision of the organisation and smooth implementation of the activities in accordance with EC rules;
Assistance to grant beneficiaries for efficient project implementation according to the PRAG rules.
·     Monitoring of all grant contracts awarded under the Rural Development and Community Development Grant Scheme programmes ;
Designing, revising and updating the MIS
 Delivered Project Management  trainings/workshops to the GBs and local stakeholder’s representatives
Support to TL for overall evaluation and inception-interim-final reports preparation
11/ 2007-12//2008
Turkey/ EU
ECO3 (Belgium)
Team Leader, Grant Scheme and Monitoring Expert
Strengthening Civil Society in the Pre-Accession Process: NGO Grant Facility/ Civil Society Dialogue: European Bridges of Knowledge
  • Technical Assistance (TA) to EUSG, the beneficiary of the program. In this context, tasks performed are:
  • Assistance to grant beneficiaries for efficient project implementation according to the PRAG rules.
  • Monitoring of 76 grant contracts awarded under grant scheme programme; regular monitoring visits to grant beneficiaries.
  • Assessment of interim and final report of grant beneficiaries (assistance to grant beneficiaries for modification of reports);       preparation of check-lists; revising and updating the MIS.
  •  Delivered PM trainings/workshops to the GBs and EUSG.
  • Overall evaluation and inception-interim-final reports preparation of the grant scheme programme
  • Preparation, management and  implementation of closing conference
Turkey/ EU
Enterprise PLC (UK)
Team Leader, Grant Scheme and Monitoring Expert
02-04/ 2007
Turkey/ EU
Grant Scheme and Monitoring Expert
Nuts 2 Regions Regional Development Programme (Konya, Karaman, Agri, Ardahan, Igdir, Kars)
TA to GBs on project implementation, PRAG Grant Scheme Procedures, M&E and Management of the Grant projects on ad-hoc basis; preparation of monthly reports on activities carried out in the region.
Provide on-the-job training and ad-hoc assistance to PIU staff on all Grant Scheme and procurement aspects, conduct relevant training workshops (as and when required).
STE on Training and Counselling
GAP-GIDEM Regional Development (Sanliurfa, Mardin, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir)
Delivered trainings on PCM, PRAG Grant Scheme Procedures to the potential GBs.
Support to GIDEM Project Team for Rural Development Project Fiche preparation, to be submitted in the context of IPA programs
11/ 2006-
01/ 2007
Turkey/ EU
STE (Short Term Expert) for BSOs Capacity building project
Eastern Anatolia Regional Development Program (EADP) (Van)
Technical Assistance to Business Support Organisations (BSOs) for :
·                     Capacity building study, training needs analysis, training of the staff, workshops on SWOT analysis of BSOs in the region and strategy document preparation including policy development for BSOs capacity building.
Turkey/ EU
STE on Procurement for Tourism and Environment Component
EADP Regional Development Program (Van, Bitlis, Hakkari, Mus)
Technical Assistance to the Grant Beneficiaries of Tourism and Environment on:
Preparation of Training materials and delivery of training to GBs on procurement
Delivery of counselling for procurement files and tender dossiers of GBs
08-09 /
Turkey/ EU
STE on Procurement
NUTS 2 Regions Regional Development Program (Samsun Kastamonu Erzurum)
·Technical Assistance to the Grant Beneficiaries for the preparation of the Procurement documents and Tender Dossier according to the PRAG Procedures and one to one Counselling for the implementation of the procurement process
Turkey/ EU
STE on Grant Scheme for FWC
Nuts 2 Regions Regional Development Programme (Konya, Karaman, Agri, Ardahan, Igdir, Kars)
Technical Assistance to Potential Applicants on Grant Scheme Programme
Performed the following tasks:
Preparation of training material and delivery of trainings on PCM, PRAG Grant Scheme Procedures, PI Guideline for potential GBs.
Counseling  on project proposal preparation to potential GBs.
04/2005 – 07/2005
Turkey/ EU
IMC Consulting (UK)
STE for PCM and PRAG Grant Scheme Procedures
EADP Regional Development Program (Van, Hakkari, Yuksekova, Mus)
Performed the following tasks in the EADP Grant Scheme Component:
Trainings for GBs on PRAG Grant Scheme Procedures, PCM and Business Plan Preparation.
Counselling on project proposal preparation to potential GBs,
Conduction of separate PCM and PM training and workshops for stakeholders of the programme.
Delivery of Training of Trainers courses for future trainers on PCM and PM
Turkey/ EU-MEDA
IMC Consulting (UK)
EU-Turkish Business Development Centre Project (Gaziantep)
Technical Assistance project of SME support through the establishment of three Business Centres that provide a range of services.
Management and coordination of the Business Development Centre in Gaziantep, performing the following activities:
Delivering of counseling, consulting and training services based on the needs of SMEs (Strategic Planning, Logistics, Production Management, HR, and Finance etc.)
Co-ordination of the delivery of business development services to the Centre’s SME clients.
Monitoring and Evaluation of the operation of strategic ‘Windows’ projects to improve the business environment in South-East Anatolia for Rural Development.
Ex-point project for export development.
Oversee the operation of the Internationalization Programme to introduce SMEs to export marketing
Contribute to Rural and Agricultural Development and business competitiveness initiative, with projects preparation and implementation in the Pistachio and Bulgur Sector with Clustering approach.
Supporting the Institutions and Local Development Initiatives in the Rural Development programmes implemented in the region
Training of Business Development Centre experts and co-ordinate the subsequent delivery of Training activities
Prepare and conduct the Women Entrepreneurship programmes under the KOSGEB Privatisation programme funded by World Bank.
Prepare and deliver seminars and trainings on Entrepreneurship programmes of the BC.
Develop and implement the Project Fiches and prepare the TORs for the BC programs
Extensive liaison and networking with regional stakeholders beyond the immediate project activities, such as, associations, foundations, NGOs, and Public Sector bodies.
Manage activities on public awareness and networking of the Business Centre, represent the Business Development Centre in Turkey and abroad.
Prepare, manage and implement the international Business forum and conference with the participation of 600 business men from European Countries, Irak and Turkey
Management and supervision of reporting of the experts and BC activities.
05/1999- 08/2002 (various missions)
Western-Eastern Europe & MEDA-countries
Technical and Management Consultancy
Technical Consultant
Project planning for the construction and start-up of Seini Yeast Production Plant (Romania).
Training of local team on process and product quality, restructuring of technical and administrative departments, management and technical consultancy.
Conducted mission to: Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Brazil
05/1999 - 09/1999
Turkey/ UNDP
GAP Administration (TURKEY)
Consultant / Regional Coordinator
GAP-GIDEM Regional Development (Sanliurfa, Mardin, Adiyaman, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir)
A UNDP funded project, executed by UNDP and GAP Administration. The local GIDEM offices provide a wide range of business development services to the SME’s and BSOs for rural development; including training, information services and consultancy. Tasks included:
Co-ordination between 5 GIDEM offices and management of the implementation of the GAP-GIDEM Programs in the region.
Training of GAP-GIDEM staff on financial aspects of project management.
03/1998 – 11/1998
General Manager
Start- up of Rompak (Pakmaya) Yeast Production Plant and Waste Water Treament Plants; and training of process and administration teams, in charge of all technical affairs, administration, purchasing and selling, relationships with local authorities.
Lesaffre Group (FRANCE)
Vice General Manager
Start- up of Özmaya Waste Water Treatment Plant, Safmaya Instant Yeast and Waste Water Treatment Plants in Amasya and Ceyhan
In charge of Production of Fresh and Instant yeast, Quality Control, Investments, Purchasing
Management and supervision of the maintenance and logistics planning of the two plants.
Spanish (Union Alcoholera Espanola)
Technical Manager
Various positions as Engineer, Production Chief, Production and Technical Manager in the Yeast production plant.

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