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1.       Date of birth    : 30.10.1980
2.       Nationality      : Turkish
3.       Civil status      : Single
4.       Education        : University
[ Date from - Date to ]
Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Bachelor of Science in Sociology
5.       Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
Mother Tongue
6.       Membership of professional bodies:
  • General Secretary of Oceans of Hope Association of Youth and Sailing Club
  • Member of Ankivos (Volkswagen Old Beetle Fans Society)       
7.       Other skills: Excellent knowledge and experience in all standard computer applications: Microsoft Office Programmes, Internet, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, SPSS; Operating Systems; UNIX; Intermediate knowledge of following programming languages: HTML, DHTML
8.   Present position:
  • Independent Consultant
9.   Years of professional experience: 9 years
10.   Key qualifications:
  • Grant Scheme Expert: Extensive knowledge and training and coaching experience on EU Funded Grant Programmes; PCM, LFM, Project Preparation, Implementation, Management, Recording, Reporting, Procurement and Monitoring. Proven understanding of PRAG rules and its applications.
  • 2 years of experience on the field and in the development systems in programming, monitoring and evaluation of EU funded pre-accession programmes, Project Cycle Management, EU Grant Schemes, Project Implementation and Management, budgeting
  • 5 years of professional experience in delivering consultancy services and training; IT, e-commerce, building and managing web portals
11.   Specific experience in the region:
Date from date to
2000 – 2009

12.   Professional experience
Date from - Date to Location Company Position Description
Muğla, Marmaris
Panorama Park Hotel
Business Development Consultant
Panorama Park is a unique hotel delivering accommodation and holiday service for disabled people and the company took over for another group. For new management committee business development consultancy service is delivered. Duties;
  • Creating new corporate identity for new management committee, preparing new website and brochure including content
  • Training services are delivered to hotel workers for true way of approaching disabled people
  • Establishing long term relations with organizations working for disabled people
  • Organizing customer relations, understanding their expectations and informing management committee to improve their services
  • Creation of hotel concept for 2011 to establish new corporations
7.2.2010 - ongoing
Oceans of Hope Association of Youth and Sailing Club
  • Founder member of the association to improve disabled children by social organizations especially by delivering sailing trainings.
  • Coaching “Sail-Able” project team funded by İzmir Development Agency for final report in line with procedures of grant application.
  • Preparing work plan of the association and coaching team to follow plan
  • Preparing sponsorship dossier and corporate identity of the association
  • Taking an active role during the sailing trainings of disabled children, coaching sailing trainings to approach blind and deaf children
  • Approaching families of disabled children and learning difficulties in their lives, revising road map of the association in line with expectations of the families
  • Organizing social events, such as sailing races for handicapped of for everyone to increase income of society and creating a space for rehabilitation of children
30.10.2010 – 18.4.2010
Gözüyılmaz Engineering Ltd.
Management Consultant
Consultancy service is delivered to company management to improve services of the company and to increase productivity. Duties:
  • Establishing a system to monitor business correspondences
  • Preparing work plan of the company and monitoring the system; reporting results to management
  • Consultancy service to business development to take an active role in international projects and establishing long term business cooperations for further research & development projects
3.12.2007 – 30.10.2010
IKADA Consulting Ltd.
Business Development Coordinator
IKADA Consulting Ltd., is one of the leading consulting companies in Turkey, offering consulting services in various fields of management consultancy, institutional building, regional development and training since its establishment in 1999, with her extensive network and a rich pool of training and consulting experts from all over Turkey, each being professionals in their fields and having sector experience
  • Studying on relevant service contracts in Turkey, Azerbaijan and North Cyprus
  • Business development and International, national networking,
  • Team building
  • Organizing and designing field survey, establishing field team, implementing field survey and analyzing data, reporting
  • Delivering consultancy service on business development, project management for SMEs
  • Delivering training and consultancy services on PCM, project management, grant monitoring
Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO)
  • Delivered training to Ankara Chamber of Commerce on PCM approach, logical framework, business plan and project budgeting; Project Preparation Implementation and Monitoring Rules and Procedures of EU, EU Procurement Procedures.
  • Delivered consultancy service for ongoing EU project of ATO
2.03.2009 – 17.03.2009
İzmir Development Agency
Grant Scheme Expert
  • Technical Assistance Support (Help Desk) Services are provided to the Potential Grant Applicants(SMEs) for responding private sector development call for proposal;
  • Assisting potential grant beneficiaries for developing their project in order to increase SMEs capacity.
  • Consultancy service delivered in completing application form, PCM approach, logical framework, business plan and project budgeting in line with the Guidelines for Applicants for the preparation of project proposals; Project Preparation Implementation and Monitoring Rules and Procedures of grant shceme.
(1 gün)
IKADA Consulting Ltd.
·         Delivered training to Konya Chamber of Independent Accountant and Auditors on PCM approach, logical framework, business plan and project budgeting; Project Preparation Implementation and Monitoring Rules and Procedures of EU, EU Procurement Procedures.
15.05.2007 –
Regional Development in TRA2,TR72,TR52,TRB1 NutsII Regions
Grant Scheme – Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert
Duties: Technical Assistance Support (Help Desk) Services are provided to the Grant Beneficiaries from 4 Grant Schemes
Technical Assistance Support (Help Desk) Services are provided to the Grant Beneficiaries from 4 Grant Schemes;
  • in meeting their contractual obligations (as defined by GB contract with CFCU),
  • in procuring supplies, works and/or services, tender dossier preparation including technical specifications, evaluation of tender bids, and awarding contracts,
  • in meeting their technical and financial reporting requirements to CFCU, including inputting data in to the MIS using MIS software,
  • in their technical and financial documentation record keeping, including keeping accurate project financial accounts,
  • in prioritising their work plan activities within the project time period and budget,
  • in identifying and establishing project indicators, including reporting against indicators (measuring achievement of project outputs) during project implementation and at project end,
  • in meeting their EU publicity requirements,
01.02.2006 – 5.7.2009
Via Internet to Turkey
Duties: Providing consultancy to entrepreneurs across Turkey on issues of technology, e-marketing, and use of the Internet in business.
Description: Finansbank - one of leading banks of Turkey – provides advisory services over its Internet portal www.kobifinans.com to all existing and potential customers
  • Answering the questions of new entrepreneurs and SMEs on how to use technology to improve their works.
10.12.2006 – 28.12.2006
Turkey – Bitlis
Field Expert
Description: UNICEF Let Girls Go To School Campaign - Field Study, Data Collector for the evaluation of the program
  • Selection of representative regions, conducting interviews and workshops, collecting data and adding inputs to an excel file to be analyzed.  
  • Writing reports on our observation in order to define region’s specific characteristics.
02.10.2006 – 8.12.2006
Yaka – Koop
Project Coordinator & Training
Duties: Logistics, Methodology, Field Study, Training
Description: DAKP – Social Development Grant Projects
  • Collecting and analyzing data and provision of consultancy and support for women entrepreneurship in order to increase economical and social status of especially migrated women.
  • Human resource management of the project. Making interviews to establish the project team.
  • Establishing system for dossiers and planning the activities to implement the without any problem
  • Procuring supplies in line with EC Prag Rules.
7.11.2006 – 25.09.2006
KRC Academia and Information Technologies Company
Executive Coordinator & Trainer
Duties: Management, Partnership Building, Training
  • Training prospective entrepreneurs in Project Cycle Management
  • e-commerce; building partnerships for e-commerce.
  • Coordinating the expenditures and administrative activities of the company.
  • Coordinating the sales team, arranging campaigns and advertisement to increase the profit of company
12.01.2005 – 28.10.2006
METUNET Computer
Executive Coordinator
Duties: Management, Logistics, Developing E-commerce Concept, Implementation of Marketing Plan
  • Preparing the e-market website under the domain name of www.teknofresh.com
  • Creating the marketing concept and executing the market operational activities, including management of the team.
  • Making researches to define target group and their expectations in line with analysis, drawing business plan to increase the profit of the market.
  • Coordinating the sales team, arranging campaigns and advertisement to increase the profit of company
01.09.2003 – 05.01.2005
FORSNET Information Technologies
Project Coordinator
Duties: Logistics, Website Concept Development; Team Management
Description: Executing all e-commerce activities of the company and preparing the e-market web site under the domain name of www.ottomanstore.com, www.garanti.com.tr/forsnet
  • Management of two e-market teams
  • Implementing campaigns to increase sales and profit.
  • Coordinating campaigns and advertisement activities to increase sales and profit.
  • Coordinating sales procedures of e-commerce system.
  • Conducting surveys to strength customer relations. Learning and analyzing expectations of customers and drawing new road map to increase profit.
2000 – 2003
METU Computer Center,
Coordinator Student Assistant
Duties: Logistics, Work Time Coordination
Description: Organizing the student assistants working hours in computer laboratories which belong to METU Information Operation Center in order to provide a healthy work environment in computer laboratories for other students
2002 - 2003  
Ministry of Transport – Council of Internet
Workshop and Research Coordinator
Duties: Conducted Interviews, Collected Data
Description: To prepare the project, organizing the place , food , and team for workshop.Reporting evaluaton of qualitative data which was arranged to identify the approaches of teenagers towards internet. The report is being published on the web page, http://kurul.ubak.gov.tr/calistay/ .
State Planning Organization
Duties: Analysing Development and preparing a report at the end of desktop review
Description: Desktop Review, to analyze some parts of “Project of Doğu Anadolu”, “Women and Family” and” Education”, and then to prepare a project about the project
2000 - 2003   
METU Department of Regional and City Planning
Duties: Data Collection, enrolling data, reporting researcher’s view
Description: METU Department of Şehir ve Bölge Planlama Bölümü Enrolling of data of Project of “Powerty and Quality of Life Project” , Coordinating team to data enroll ad gathering data together.

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