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1.       Date of birth:                               19 April, 1969

2.       Education:   


[ Date from - Date to]

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

Wilmington College, USA  (1993-1995)

M.Sc. in Human Resource Management

Ege University, TR (1987-1992)

B. Sc. in Food Engineering


Additional Education and Training:  

Institution Courses / Training Followed
UNCTAD – ITC (International Trade Center), Geneva Business Management System – Consultancy for SMEs (Certified)
IBC (Institution for Business Consultants), UK SME Advisory – Certified SME Adviser and Certified Assessor
NISPED International Center for the Promotion of SMEs, Israel SMEs in the Era of Globalization – Preparing SMEs for Involvement of International Trade
JCI (Junior Chamber International - Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association) One Year To Lead – Leadership and Management in NGOs
JCI (Junior Chamber International - Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association) Effective Media Relations for NGOs
JCI (Junior Chamber International - Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association) JCI Prime: Training of Trainers – Adult Learning Techniques and Designing Training Programmes.
ABİGEM, İzmir   Training Needs Analysis for HR Development
ABİGEM İzmir   Legal Aspects of HR and Turkish Employment Law
ABİGEM İzmir PCM and preparing tenders according to the PRAG rules


3.       Language skills - Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic):  

Language Reading Speaking Writing
Turkish (Mother tongue)









4.       Membership of professional bodies:

  • JCI (Junior Chamber International) – member since 1996, National President in 2007.
  • IBC – Institute of Business Consultants (UK). Accredited Business Advisor and accredited assessor for the advisors (Certified by OCR Oxford-Cambridge-RSA in UK, 2006).
  • ITC – International Trade Center / WTO – World Trade Organisation - UNCTAD (Certified Management Development Advisor)

5.       Other skills:                              Fully computer literate, excellent knowledge of MS Office programmes.  

6.    Present position:                        Freelance Consultant  

7.    Years within the firm:               Seven years in ABİGEM (Gaziantep and Izmir) –, , , and training; over 10 years in human resource management and development. 11 years of membership at JCI (Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders Association - an international NGO with local bodies), holding various positions including commission member, Secretary General, local and national Board Membership, Chapter President and finally National President in 2007.  

8.    Key qualifications (Relevant to the assignment): Experience in

  • SME development
  • Business advisors’ training and capacity development – certified assessor for Business Adviors’ Accreditaiton
  • NGOs and Business Support Organisations
  • Human Resources Development.
  • Entrepreneurship and labor force development programmes (open programmes and special interest groups such as women, young, vocational groups, NGOs etc.) in various location around the country.
  • Carrying out needs analysis and strategic planning for organisations.
  • Experience on adult training in various topics including HR management, entrepreneurship, Training of trainers, Strategic planning, Management and leadership in NGOs and volunteer organisations.
  • Regional development projects, including projects regarding SME development, NGOs, building social dialogue, HR development, training business advisors, vocational training programmes and cluster development.
  • Experience in preparing and implementing projects in various fields, including SME and NGO projects, funded by EU, UNDP, Regional Development Agencies, State institutes and Stakeholders.
  • Experience on NGO management at international and local level, including media relations, visibility activities, relations with authorities, networking, membership growth, corporate identity, establishing new chapters, promoting events in addition to website design and administration.

  9.    Specific country experience:  

Country/region Date from (month/year) date to (month/year)
Groningen and Maastricht, Netherlands July 2006, June 2007
Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva, Israel November 2005


10.    Professional experience:   

Date Location Company Position Description
2004-2010 Izmir, Turkey ABIGEM Izmir Programme Manager Responsible mainly of HR Development and Entrepreneurship Programmes. ABIGEM started as an EC funded project run by IMC International and Izmir office became fully self-sustainable. Wide experience on running EC projects and developing sustainability models for the projects. Responsibilities include; consultancy services for HR development, and regional development projects, assessing business advisors for international accreditation, providing career and business counselling services to entrepreneurs and business start ups at various stages, developing tailor-made HR and entrepreneurship programmes for the special interest groups and/or SMEs, preparing tendering documents for EC projects such as terms of reference, guidelines for calls for proposals and technical specifications mature for tendering. Prepared a number of tender documents for different calls for proposals under various programmes (2 Lifelong Learning, 2 FP, 3 regional/SME development). Also acted as team leader or project coordinator for the approved tenders as well as for the sub-programmes developed under ABİGEM entrepreneurship services. The projects were carried out according to the PCM rules and all tendering documentation prepared in line with PRAG rules. (Please see below for the details of the projects and assignments undertaken within ABİGEM)
2003-2004 Gaziantep, Turkey IMC (WYG) International Local STE Local expert at the beginning of the ABIGEM projects. Assignments included: preparing HR Manual for the project consultants, developing and delivering the entrepreneurship training/coaching services for women and young entrepreneurship projects. Responsibilities included preparation of tendering documentation for the client NGOs and public institutes; such as guidelines for calls for proposals, terms of reference and technical specifications (Prepared 1 cultural heritage, 2 regional development programme ‘application portfolio’). All tendering documentation prepared in line with PRAG rules.
2001-2003 Adana, Turkey EGE Teknik Self Employed Running own company, providing HR Consultancy for a restructuring SME as well as technical consultancy.  
1995-2001 Adana, Turkey Lesaffre Group (FR) – Ozmaya Inc. HR Manager Started the HR department and the HR functions within the company from the ground. Responsibilities covered 400 employees in 2 production sites (Adana and Amasya) in policy formulation and implementation coherent with the mother company in France, internal communication and organisational changes, labor force planning, recruitment and hiring, continuous career counselling for the employees , contract termination, compensation & benefits, training planning and staff training, performance evaluation, ISO 9002 Quality System, social activities.


Projects and assignments undertaken within ABİGEM  

2010 İzmir KOSGEB Trainer General Entrepreneurship Training: Preparing the training curricula and delivering four training programs on behalf of KOSGEB (each for 26 hours / 5 days) in various locations (Aliağa and Torbalı Chambers of Commerce, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry).
2010 Çorlu KOSGEB Trainer Woman Entrepreneurship Training: Preparing the training curricula and delivering the training program on behalf of KOSGEB in Çorlu Chamber of Commerce.
2009-2010 Şanlıurfa, Turkey UNDP (EC funded) Senior Local STE Industrial Restructuring of Sanliurfa Province: Developing Roadmap for the Agri-Food Industry: Contributing local knowledge to the agri-food sector analysis report that will be included in the Integrated Industrial Development Plan for Sanliurfa Province. The assignment involves desk research and field studies with stakeholders and sector actors for the agro-food cluster, organizing/moderating focus group meetings and cluster workshops, developing the agri-food sector roadmap (including vision statement, development strategies and action plan) and identifying project ideas for enabling the sector development, developing the project fisches and searching for possible funding sources. Arranging the interviews and visits in Izmir for the Study Visit and Roadshow: The stakeholders and the sector actors (including the Governor and the Mayor) of Sanliurfa province visited Izmir, in March 2010, to meet with the corresponding sector actors and institutions as well as meeting with the potential investors.   
2008-2010 Denizli, Konya, Tekirdağ, Afyonkarahisar, Uşak, Trabzon, Adana, Kayseri, Malatya, Turkey Euromed and Steinbeis Foundation Senior Local STE Worked as senior short term expert in the “Expansion of the European Turkish Business Centers (ABİGEM) Network” Project funded by the EC. Short term assignments include:
  • drafting windows projects for the sustainability of newly established business centers according to the local needs, * capacity development of the personnel - assessment of the knowledge gaps and learning needs for the new business service managers in order to serve SMEs as consultants.
  • preparing consultants for Business Advisors Accreditation.
  • promoting the new business center (ABİGEM) among the local stakeholders and the hosting body (CCI), stakeholder analysis.
  • Entrepreneurship / women entrepreneurship training as well as training the business service managers on the said topic.
  • Strategic planning for the the local Chambers and TOBB Women Entrepreneurs’ Councils at local chambers.
  • Lean Manufacturing Counselling for SMEs in Kayseri (Coaching/ co-coaching 5S, Kaizen and Value Stream Mapping Workshops, running regular 5S audits and delivering counselling services) 
2008-2009 Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey TOSYÖV Senior STE Representing TOSYOV as “Environment Expert” in the BSP Project (Promotion of Environmental Certifications and CSR towards EU Legislation Adoption and SMEs’ Competitiveness) < span Assignments include carrying out the desk studies, field studies, surveys etc. on Turkey’s position for Environmental Certifications in compliance with the aqui and how SMEs are affected by it, attending project coordination meetings (held in the partnering countries) on behalf of the Turkish Partner (TOSYOV), preparing the project report on SMEs’ difficulties in complying the the environmental legislation in eight countries (EU members and candidates) (Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey).
2008 Manisa, Turkey ADA Mühendislik Senior Local STE Worked as senior expert in the EC funded Development of a National Clustering Policy project (beneficiary DTM – Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade). Carried out cluster mapping, analysis and roadmap development of Manisa Electrical and Electronic Home Appliances Cluster. Carried out field and desk studies, interviewed possible cluster actors, facilitated the establishment of cluster working group, moderated working group meetings to make the SWOT analysis of the cluster and develop the cluster vision, strategy, key success factors, governance, cluster initiatives and action plan commonly agreed by all cluster actors.
2008 Denizli, Konya, Tekirdağ, Afyonkarahisar, Turkey ADA Mühendislik Senior Local STE Worked as senior expert in the “Expansion of the European Turkish Business Centers (ABİGEM) Network” Project funded by the EC. Denizli and Konya assignments were a part of the capacity development of the personnel and included assessment of the knowledge gaps and learning needs for the new business service managers in order to serve SMEs as consultants. Tekirdağ assignment was for promoting the new business center (ABİGEM) among the local stakeholders and the hosting body (Tekirdağ CCI). Afyonkarahisar assignment involved women entrepreneurship training as well as capacity development for the business service managers - “training of trainers” and “workshop” for them to start delivering the said training.
2008 Ankara, Turkey ECORYS Netherlands Senior Local STE Prepared the tendering documents (Terms of Reference, Grant Guidelines and Technical Specifications for Supplies) for the operation of “Promoting Lifelong Learning” programme (Framework contract under Human Resources Development Operational Programme). Responsibilities also included preparing the inception report, organising consultation meetings with the stakeholders, market survey for the supplies. The beneficiary of the Framework Project is The Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
2008 Ankara, Turkey ECORYS Senior Local STE Worked as senior expert in the EC funded WES (Women Entrepreneurship Support) Project (beneficiary TESK – Turkish Confederation of Craftsmen and Artisans), aiming at increasing women’s inclusion in economy. Prepared the contents and training documents/handouts. The training and consulting programmes are designed according to the needs for developing women’s social inclusion and their roles in business. Various assignments have been undertaken which includes; Preparation of the training programmes, curricula, presentations, handouts and books for the trainers’ and trainees. Delivery of the “Training of Trainers”. Preparation of a “handbook” for the Craftsmen’s Chambers for establishing sustainable Women Entrepreneurship Support Centers and a “toolkit” for assessing the performance of the said Centers.
2007 Ankara, Turkey UNDP Local STE Prepared a comprehensive manual for opening up and running self-sustainable GİDEM centres (SME and entrepreneurship support centers) within chambers or municipalities. The manual included parts on setting up and maintaining the facilities, designing the services, HR and financial planning, professional HR development of consultants and sustainability module. The project was carried out and finalized according to the PCM rules  
2007 Van, Turkey IMC (WYG) International Local STE EADP – Eastern Anatolia Development Programme. Assignment: Vocational development of new business advisors – training, career counselling, on-the-job training, and assessment of qualifications for international accreditation. Organization and moderation of the consultation meetings with candidate consultants, as well as helping them in organizing and moderating the consultation meetings.
2007 Van, Turkey IMC (WYG) International Local STE EADP – Eastern Anatolia Development Programme. Assignment: Preparation and delivery of two different entrepreneurship training sets, one for university students and the other for unemployed women. The training content and methodology designed and developed by the consultant according to the needs of target groups for career counselling, skills development for increasing their employability, social inclusion and their roles in business (with a specific emphasis on the regional disadvantages and how to overcome these).
2007 Mardin, Turkey UNDP Local STE GIDEM (Entrepreneurship Development Centre). Assignment: Vocational development of the existing business advisors – assessment of qualifications for international accreditation.
2006 Groningen, NL Zernike Science Parks BV and IUE (International University of Entrepreneurship) Project partner Knowledge and experience exchange programme under LdV lifelong learning programme. Contacted Zernike BV and IUE as partner organisations, developed the project idea, written the project proposal and upon approval of the tender, worked with both partners for 2 weeks in their premises. The know-how exchange included business support services provided for the small scale companies established in the business incubator. Developed, administered and finalised the project according to PCM principles as well as to the EU and Turkish policies with regards to lifelong learning and in line with PRAG rules.


11.    Other relevant information (e.g. Publications):   Served as the National President of JCI Turkey in 2007 (an international training, networking and project management NGO for young entrepreneurs and professionals below 40). During my presidency term, Turkey hosted the JCI World Congress, with over 3000 participants from 100 countries. Responsibilities included;

  • leading the activities of developing the congress programme,
  • planning the marketing and promotion of the congress in and abroad,
  • membership growth, NGO career planning and counselling for the members, delivered career counselling training to the Chapter Presidents (to be able to provide guidance for their members) and establishing new chapters nationwide,
  • financial planning and controls,
  • relations with official authorities as well as other national and international organisations,
  • representing the national organisation in international meetings and official visits,
  • attending press conferences and tv-radio featurings.
  • Developing, organizing and implementing small scale projects. Examples that I was personally involved in at the development and implementation phase are;

* Water Project (2002-2007) aiming to raise awareness on the scarcity of water sources – JCI’s Best Local UN MDG Project of Europe in 2007. * Entrepreneurship Training at Universities (2005-2007) – Best Youth Project of Europe (June 2007) – Best Youth Project of the World (November 2007)   Served as the National Vice President of JCI Turkey in 2005 and 2006. Some of the achievements are:

  • organising six national events and two official National General Assemblies,
  • relations with chapters and members around the country as well as international counterparts, NGO career planning and counselling for the members, delivered career counselling training tot eh chapter presidents (to be able to provide guidance for their members)
  • revising the by-law in line with the new law for NGOs and volunteer associations,
  • training chapter presidents on topics such as NGO vision, mission and goal, membership growth, strategic planning, leadership and management in NGOs,
  • establishing and administration of official website: www.jciturkey.biz between 2005-2007 (the website was awarded as the Best National JCI Website of Europe in 2007),
  • carrying out visibility activities such as organising press conferences for the President, preparing press releases, newsletters for members and introductory brochures, and flyers for potential members and public.

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